November 28, 2022


Releases & Statements

The American Association for the Indo-Pacific, the region’s only Indo-Pacific-focused U.S. business coalition, stated in its submission to the U.S. government that ensuring openness and cooperation with business is key to the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework’s success. 

The submission, which consolidates views from members of AAIP’s IPEF Taskforce, effectively argues that ensuring regulations are transparent and that governments provide open conditions for businesses of all sizes across the region must be a priority. 

AAIP Interim President Jackson Cox said, “The IPEF’s 14 members can take concrete steps toward an agreement that will ensure a level playing field across the region, which will lead to greater economic integration and prosperity for all.”

Mr. Cox also said the agreement can help address emerging, next-generation issues, such as supply chains, digital innovation, and ESG, including support for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are essential to many economies in the region. 

Mr. Cox welcomed the move to the negotiation phase of the IPEF process, encouraging negotiators to make concrete progress in the year ahead. 

“The IPEF can build on the good work already done in other agreements, such as USMCA, CPTPP, and RCEP. It is important that governments move forward where they can on issues based on previous agreements, perhaps with some early harvest announcements next year.”  

Mr. Cox also emphasized how important it will be for the U.S. government and other IPEF members to consult with businesses going forward, noting that the agreement covers a range of novel policy areas and initiatives.

“Businesses have important and unique perspectives on the IPEF and understand what will and won’t work in the new global trade environment. AAIP is committed to supporting the IPEF and greater regional economic integration over the long term.” 

AAIP represents U.S.-headquartered businesses with operations across the Indo-Pacific, including technology, transport, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing firms. AAIP is the only U.S. business association with a dedicated IPEF Taskforce, which was launched in August and comprises AAIP corporate members, AAIP advisors, and many of the AmChams from IPEF economies.  

Read AAIP’s submission here.