March 28, 2023

American Association of the Indo-Pacific Holds IPEF Taskforce Meeting, Prepares for IPEF Negotiating Round in Singapore

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American Association of the Indo-Pacific Holds Advisory Board Meeting, Prepares for IPEF Negotiating Round in Singapore

March 28, 2023 – Bangkok – The American Association of the Indo-Pacific (AAIP) held a crucial meeting of its IPEF Taskforce today to discuss the organization's strategic approach and engagement with IPEF-member governments and other stakeholders in preparation for the upcoming IPEF negotiating round. The high-level discussions will take place in Singapore in early May, providing a platform for the AAIP to advance its goals and strengthen partnerships within the region. AAIP expects serious progress in key areas such as critical goods, supply chains, and digital trade in the Singapore round.

AAIP has been a champion of the IPEF since it was launched in Tokyo last year and considers the IPEF to be a new baseline for American commercial and economic engagement in the Indo-Pacific.  

Jackson Cox, Interim President of the AAIP, emphasized the importance of engaging with regional governments and other key players to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. "The upcoming IPEF negotiations in Singapore present a pivotal moment for IPEF going forward in creating an agreement that is meaningful, binding, and ambitious," said Cox.

Cox went on to underscore the AAIP's proactive approach in the lead-up to the negotiations. "Our team is dedicated to ensuring negotiators have the best insights, recommendations, and proposals from the private sector. It’s absolutely vital that businesses find high utility in the IPEF; otherwise, it won’t make a difference in increasing trade, promoting prosperity, and improving worker rights across the region. It’s also vital that IPEF partner countries can see the potential of the agreement going well beyond 2023," he added.

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