May 24, 2022

Indo-Pacific business coalition says new U.S. strategy a good ‘first step’

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May 24, 2022

The American Association for the Indo-Pacific (AAIP) welcomed the launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) in Tokyo on Monday.

“The Indo-Pacific is a vital region for American businesses and AAIP looks forward to working with all parties to the IPEF discussions to ensure this framework is bold, inclusive, and aspirational,” said Jackson Cox, AAIP’s Interim President.

“There are high expectations for American economic and commercial leadership in the region, so we must make sure IPEF truly meets the moment we are currently in. Yesterday’s announcement is certainly welcome and is an important first step for the U.S. government in the region,” Cox highlighted.

Economic ties between Indo-Pacific region economies and the U.S. drive more than 900 billion USD in foreign direct investment in the United States and support more than 3 million U.S. jobs. Cox said that U.S. businesses in the region want IPEF to lead to greater economic and commercial engagement with partner countries and create new opportunities for American businesses, from trade in goods and services to digital innovation, infrastructure, and investment.

He underlined that U.S. businesses in the region best understand how to support American economic and commercial interests in IPEF economies.

“AAIP calls on the U.S. government to work closely with U.S. businesses and partner organizations in the region to deliver better outcomes for American firms and workers. We look forward to engaging with officials as the IPEF discussions proceed,” said Cox.

Link to AAIP’s comments to the U.S. Federal Register concerning the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework: International Trade Administration (ITA)

Link to AAIP’s comments to the U.S. Federal Register concerning the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework: United States Trade Representative (USTR)

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The American Association of the Indo-Pacific is a membership-led organization that works to strengthen American business and investment in the Indo-Pacific region. AAIP does this through policy initiatives, ongoing engagement with policymakers in Washington, D.C., and in the region, and close collaboration with other business associations. AAIP is legally registered in the United States as a 501c6 non-profit corporation. AAIP membership is held exclusively by U.S.-headquartered companies and business associations.

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